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British Extreme Championship Wrestling



BECW has two partners Ben & Nicole Lawrence.


Ben Lawrence has had a interest in Wrestling since the early 80's and loved to watch the great shows from the UK on television, and purchase video's of WWE events.


In 1992 Ben got the chance to wrestle for a few companies after training hard which gave him the push he needed and he has never looked back since.

He had at times dreamed of becoming a High Flyer with big names in the business, but alas injury struck and Ben was then forced to give up his in-ring career shortly after and take a back seat to just watching.


In February 2003 Ben had the chance to accomplish his dreams with his partner Nicole to finally start their own company named BECW.

Ben felt this was the big chance to bring back wrestling to London and himself. So as Co-owner and Promoter he can get as close to wrestling as he has always dreamed of, using his own ideas and love for this activity to try to make BECW the one of the best companies around London.        


Nicole had no prior knowledge of wrestling when starting up but throughout her life had always had a dream to start her own business. So with Ben's love for wrestling and Nicole's determination between the two of them BECW was born,

and Nicole started writing a business plan which has now proven to be successful.


Both Ben and Nicole are very dedicated people to BECW, with both partners regularly attending the training venue and helping new wrestlers and even established wrestlers in making their goals achievable. Ben is been involved in the monthly shows both backstage and on stage from time to time.


If you are intrested in learning to wrestle please contact us on 07806689046

or visit our Training School page for more information.